Tea Infuser & Tea Tumbler In One For Hot&cold Tea Herbal Tea Lose Leaf Lose Weight

We slowly cold infuse our superior green, white and oolong teas in small batches for the most refreshing and natural experience. Nothing added. Please inquire as to the selection of the day. Available seasonally.

A Japanese delight. Made with Matcha green tea, milk and honey. The tea is quickly infused, then shaken with other ingredients to produce a frothy tea milkshake. The recipe is from our friend and tea master Takadasan. Your choice of local whole milk, or dairy-free milk options.

Cold infused jasmine green tea is flowery and refreshing. Nothing quite compares to drinking a glass after a long exhausting day.

Simple and classic — Indian malty black iced tea reminiscent of summertime. Refreshing and stimulating in hot weather. Served with a slice of lemon.

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